Meet Miki: Dreamscape Tattooist from Hokkaido – Japan

Transcending Reality with Every Stroke

Originating from Obihiro, Hokkaido Japan, Miki is a talented tattoo artist and painter whose artwork captivates and inspires. Raised in an artistic environment influenced by her father, a famous photographer, Miki developed a profound connection to artistic expression from an early age.


Artist Profile: Miki


Specializing in nature, abstract, and black & gray themes. Miki is known for her ability to create enchanting artworks that explore the boundaries of fantasy and reality. Her designs often feature mysterious atmospheres, whimsical creatures, and intricate designs that draw inspiration from nature, the sea, and fluid motifs.

Artistic Roots:
Miki’s background in a creative family has imbued her with a unique perspective, seamlessly integrating traditional artistic values with contemporary flair.

Explore Miki’s Art:
We are thrilled to feature Miki in our upcoming Guest Artist showcase. Delve into the world of Miki’s artistic creations on her Instagram and get inspired by her latest works. For a deeper exploration of her oil paintings, follow her other account dedicated to her painted artworks.

Instagram (Tattoo ) : @miki__wink

Instagram (Painting ) : @kinoko_lady

Catch Miki at Our Studio:

Miki will be available from June 13th, 2024, to June 27th, 2024. Don’t miss your opportunity to get a masterful tattoo from a true visionary!

Book Your Session with Miki:

If you’re ready to bring your dream tattoo to life, please book an appointment with us using our contact form. Make sure to specify that you want to book Miki by mentioning her name in the “Tattoo Description” section of the form, or contact her directly on Instagram. We look forward to helping you create something truly magical!